Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruby Red Tuesday: Awnings


I was driving to my local open market when my radio released this news. "Because of the last six weeks of cold overcast weather, cucumbers are at a shortage.
Subway forced to ration scarce cucumbers"

I saw cucumbers for sale, admittedly at a higher price. Then I went to my Asian Grocery, and saw these telegraph cucumbers. There were plenty, at $4.25 which is quite expensive. The short ones were $3.45.

It makes me think of business men making their cock and bull story. They just didn't want to make less profit by using a product that is now costing more. When the price goes down, they don't use more or cut the price.


A nationwide shortage of cucumber is impacting on Subway diners' meals.By Geoffrey Bell

A shortage of cucumber, lamb and turkey has hit Subway stores from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

A sign at Auckland's Queen St store said: "Due to the critical supply issue with cucumber we need to reduce the amount of cucumber on sandwiches for a limited time."

At Subway Eden Quarter in Mt Eden, a notice said: "We are currently out of stock of our turkey and roast lamb products due to unforseen circumstances until further notice."

Subway marketing manager David Herrick said there was a seasonal shortage of cucumbers because of cold growing conditions, which led Subway to look at sourcing them from Australia.

"But what's happened in Australia is that all the growing fields there were hit by serious flooding a couple of months ago. Therefore they can't supply us," said Mr Herrick.

Subway management has told stores nationwide to use less cucumber until supplies are restored.

Six-inch subs will now get two slices of cucumber instead of three, and foot-longs will get four instead of six.

Subway Britomart acting store manager Uma Nam said: "We order cucumbers from one place and we are not getting stock from them."

Mr Herrick added: "We expect it to be resolved next week."

Sally Shen, duty manager of Subway Eden Quarter, said although she had a small amount of cucumber, there was no turkey or lamb in stock.

Subway management did not return the Herald's calls regarding the "unforseen circumstances".


Sciarada said...

Ciao Ann, men seek to do business and earn everything,there is not hope that change.

P.S. The England team suffered a great wrong is not right. Yes, Italy won the world championship four times, five times the Brazil and three times the Germany.

Have a good day

Jama said...

I can do without cucumbers! Sometimes it's cheap to get them here, 3-4 cucumber for a dollar, I usually made achar.

Ah Ngao said...

cucumber shortage often happened during the year end in Malaysia.usually it's due to the wet season and also,the Chinese are making "Acar" for the coming spring festival or chinese New Year."Acar" is a kind of hot and spicy salad,with the main ingredient Cucumber .Ann,you love "Acar" ? i like it very much if homemade.

mARTy said...

yummy apples in the first pic;-)
it has to be a great market.

Al said...

I love cucumbers on a salad on a hot summer day.