Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scenic Sunday" Friends


My granddad taught us especially when he said we should treat everyone well, you never know if we were entertaining angels. Today, I made a new friend from Zimbabwe.

I remember how my brother Henry and his wife Elley made two friends from Zimbabwe. I am proud of Henry that he practised what Grand Dad preached.

When Elley and I were traveling into Los Angeles, we met an old man who started chatting with us. Little did we know that he was the father of a celebrity.

That night at the premier, we happened to be at the corner of the Kodak Theatre which featured the Blood Diamond, and we then hung out at the entrance of the Roosevelt Hotel where the stars were celebrating after the show.

As we were gazing at the stars with the paparazzi snapping photos away, this man came out of the hotel and talked with me and my wife. He talked to us like buddies. We were surprised with his friendly gesture and I told him he must have mistaken us for someone else. He kept on saying he knew us. My wife insisted that this couldn't be because we came from an Island of Borneo in the country of Malaysia. When he reminded us that he met us on our arrival at Los Angeles, we then remembered talking with this friendly guy. He told us that, had he known we were not attending the premier, he would have invited us to join him. This was because he had movie passes with his daughter acting in the movie!

When his daughter appeared, he proudly asked her to take the photos with us, so that's how a paparazzi took our photos together. To our surprise, she was Benu Mabhena.

Benu's father's friendly presence during the premier of the movie Blood Diamond on December 6, 2006 made our holiday in Hollywood so memorable and their holiday in the United States so very special.


gigi said...

What a great story, Ann! Great picturs too.

Rinkly Rimes said...

What an exciting event! And you must be very memorable people!

LifeRamblings said...

sounds like you had a blast.

Eden said...

That was so memorable, indeed. Great shots.