Friday, April 23, 2010

Photohunt: Apr 24: Addiction


Apr 24: Addiction

I drink a few cups of coffee a day.

Usually at work and at home, I drink instant coffee from grandules and white coffee mate and one teaspoon of sugar. The water engineer likes my coffee.

If I am at a coffee bar, I like to treat myself with a cup of cappuccino made by a barista. The coffee comes in a paper cup which is not agreeable to my "green" mind. That is why I don't patron this place a lot.

At the gas station where I fill my gas, if you buy $50 worth of gas, for a dollar, you get your choice of coffee. So I always patronise this gas staion.

Sometimes coffee come made in a plunger.

My niece took me to the posh Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast for a luxurious evening. The cappuccino that came in a dainty cup and saucer. I miss the times when my girlfriends in Singapore went for afternoon High Tea at the Shangila Hotel. I pretended to be a rich Tai-tai or socialite.

I guess you can say I have a coffee addiction.


Ebie said...

I can only have a cup everyday...I guess I am not a coffee addict. Great take on the theme.

P.S. Our RTE 66 trip was only one day but we came home at 11pm.

Jama said...

I don't drink coffee but kind of addicted to the smell! does that count? lol
I a tea drinker but definitely not addicted, I can go without drinking tea for weeks sometimes.

Rune Eide said...

I must admit to hating coffee - on the other hand I love Pepsi Max...

Rach said...

That looks like a very nice cup of coffee...I can almost taste it :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to confess to being a wee bit addicted to coffee as well. It is wonderful stuff! LOL

TorAa said...

You are not alone regarding coffee;))

Four-eyed-missy said...

I love coffee but then recently I had to cut down on my caffeine fix as per doctor's advise. Sigh.

Sreisaat Adventures

Ah Ngao said...

if i think i'm happy,i down 2 cups.when i'm depress or felt like a lowlife scumbags...i down 4 or 5 cups .most of the time,i drinks my coffee neat.early morning a cuppa is a must to jumpstart or starts my balls rolling .why not substitute the white coffeemate with some milk powder?...more healthy.i heard bad stories about coffeemate,Ann

Marta said...

I love coffee also. It is not that bad of an addiction.

Noel Morata said...

aloha ann,

i like your own interpretation of addiction , wow i looove coffee also...great coffee here in hawaii also :)

come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.


Anonymous said...

I need my coffee too!

Kari said...

I love coffee too. I use to have so many cups a day but now I've cut it down to just 2. That's still a lot!
happy weekend.

Carver said...

I'm a big coffee drinker too.