Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watery Wednesday: Cooling down in a river.


Sarawak is a country of heavy tropical rain and rivers. Sibu, my home town is situated along Rejang River some ninety miles from the South China Sea. Rejang River is 350 miles long and is the longest in Malaysia. I learned to swim in that river. I loved the water when I was young.

Deborah was two when she visited Sarawak. It was very hot and humid in Tropical Borneo. For us coming from New Zealand, what is a better way to cool down but to splash in the river. Her Aunt Elizabeth took her swimming in one of the tributaries of Rejang River. We all had fun.

This is like history repeating, twenty three years later, I am with Sam visiting my brothers, this time in Australia. The temperature is in the 30s and I am once again, swimming in a man made lake or in the swimming pool.


Arija said...

That is the nicest way to cool down with all your friends aroubd.

You ask is it hot where I am? We are sitting in another heat wave of 41C+ and our swimming dam has too little water and too many snakes to cool down in.

eileeninmd said...

Tubing is a lot of fun! Great shots.

alicesg said...

Looked like lots of fun. Till today, I do not know how to swim..lol. Almost drowned when I was young, since then I never like to go near water.

aurbie said...

Oh that just warms my bones. It is freezing here. I wish it was summer and we could hit the old watering hole.

Great photos. And what fun everyone is having.

Unknown said...

Looks like fun, Ann.

You asked me about cow corn in Canada. Some farmers here harvest cow corn in late fall, others in the spring. And because we've had a mild January, a few farmers are harvesting it now.

Ah Ngao said...

Sibu maternity clinic is the place where i was born.Datuk Dr Wong soon Kai pulled me out from my mum's stomach.with my sir name Wong as the most abundant Chinese sir names in the world,most people thought im foochow - i'm Cantonese.probably of many logging activities and timber mills along the Rejang that results in the water becomes muddy and filled with silt,eh? oh ya, my elders son is form 4 and my youngest one is primary 6.
about the monkey callings,i think a lot women around the age of 55 to 60 likes to call their hubby "lau kao" meaning old baboon or old chimp - probably for some,these old baboons had become a nuisance/sturborn to these women or even some had becomes more horny.what is your coment?

Noel Morata said...

very sweet and funny