Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scenic Sunday: Borneo Bario

As I was checking in for my flight in Miri to Mulu, there was a group of London Students on their Borneo tour to Bario. I told them that it was a pity my sister Elizabeth and Kallang had just left bario. Otherwise they would provide great hospitality. Indeed, Elizabeth had told me many a tourist had past through their long house, and some even went to their kitchen.

Bario is the home of my brother in law Kallang and Sister in Law Elly. They belong to the tribes of the kelabits. Bario is a nice place to visit as it is very cool because of it's high altitude and the people are very friendly.

The most convenient way to the Bario highlands is by twin otter plane. My sisters had told me before you board the plane, both you and your luggage had to be weighed. This is to make sure that the plane doesn't get overloaded. Kallang is a big man and Elizabeth is a small woman. So their weight balance out. Things are very expensive in Bario. People try to pack as much as they can.

I spoke with a very friendly girl as they waited for the rural flight service.

You can see the students having fun as they weigh themselves.



Unknown said...

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Linnea said...

What an adventure; I hope that scale is real accurate...thanks for visiting my Scenic Sunday. I enjoyed yours.

Ruth said...

I think weighing people and their luggage before boarding is a good idea. My daughter had to quickly remove 2 lbs of stuff from her suitcase the last time she flew. However, if they had combined it with her weight, she would have been OK. Some larger people would have very little luggage. I just discovered your other blog and enjoyed reading your recent posts.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Those smaller planes make it seem like the start of a grand adventure! What a way for me to start sky watch Friday. We are SWF neighbors this week.

eileeninmd said...

WOW, sounds like they have a wonderful adventure ahead.

agent112778 said...

i love photos of the plane specialy the second one.

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have a Great SCENIC Sunday for us:)

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