Monday, July 13, 2009

Our world Tuesday: Mosque in Malaysia


This is a mosque, the place of worship for Muslims, in a town in Malaysia. Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. The Muslims are called to worship five times a day. The Muslims do not eat pork, and their food must be Halal.

When I was little, when Dad had a dinner party, and if he invited Muslims, he would have a Muslim friend come to slaughter the poultry. The "butcher" said his prayers and faced toward Mecca before he did his job. He alo brought some yellow soil to cleanse our cooking pots to rid of any non halal food residual.

In the hotel rooms, you can look up the ceiling and see an arrow pointing towards Mcca. The Muslims face that direction when they pray.

In many places, like the Brunei airport and even shopping malls, they have a room called the Surau for the Muslims to pray aka as Sembahyang.

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