Friday, October 11, 2019



Those of you who follow my photos will remember my son Andrew lived for 55 days. During these 55 days, I share with two group, the Sands Group and Campomelic Group. With these groups, it is the birds of the same feather flock. 'I also blog. I try not to post too much about Andrew.
However, I believe that this is my page and I post what I like. Sure that this is happening, I went to find another blog post about Cherry blossom trees, and an American blogger had commented on her son's grave, and that was 2010. I went to her blog and saw her pansies. Seems we are connected. I saw the pansies at the same park as the Cherry blossoms.

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Karen said...

Hello Ann. It is wonderful to hear from you after a long time. You contacted my sister Mildred instead of me. I am Karen and my son Caleb died in 1996. He would be 27 years old now. How old would your son be if he was living now? What was his name?

Laurel Wood said...

Hello Ann,
It has been a long time since I've visited your blog. I used to have a blog named Nalley Valley and you and I were blog friends. My name is Mildred. I received your message today about your son and the cherry tree. It is my sister Karen at Lily Valley blog who had the little boy who passed away and has the cherry tree. I have sent your contact info to her. We know this is a difficult day remembering your little son. We send our deepest sympathy and friendship to you. Cherry trees and pansies are very special!

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Gloria Leo said...

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