Wednesday, January 11, 2017

auckland Stardome turns 50

 Auckland Stardome is celebrating her 50th year's anniversary.
Ten years ago, I took Sam and his friends  Auckland's Stardome Observatory Planetarium. The boys had fun. It was a pity the clouds were playing a trick on us. They came our in vengeance and we couldn't see the sun.

The guide Bill Goldstone, not sure if he was an astronomer,  was on hand and was very friendly to talk to us about the telescope and the stars, and planets. When he moved the dome, I thought we were moving.

My first Science lesson in Secondary school was on the constellation. I remember even to this say, it's shape and the stars, but I was a poor student, and I can't remember the name. My teacher Miss. Chew had her degree in USA, and if she is reading this post, she would be horrified.

My daughter went through my few ornaments and trinkets.   I told her the sweet story of how we were shortly married, we took our car and went to the stardome. There we met a woman cosmetic Japanese surgeon and her two teenage children. She thought we were Japanese, and we offered to tour Auckland. I brought her home and I pan fried a mullet. They were very grateful, and she asked us to wait at the lobby. She came down with two dresses, a make up bag and a trinket which was very special. My daughter promptly borrowed it. I will write about it next time.



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Liz Needle said...

Observatories are fascinating places. What a pity it was clouded.Hopefully next time...........