Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dylon®Colour Run Remover for Whites

You had a busy week,
You knock over your spouse and spilled some red wine on his white Tee-Shirt.
You quickly run it in cold water,
Mistake! most of the wine is gone, but there is still a pinkish stain.
Spouse is in a bad mood, he had a bad week at work.

Fret no more,
There is the Dylon®Colour Run Remover for Whites.

One sachet is sufficient to treat up to 500gm of fabric. (about 2 shirts). It is suitable for all washable fabric including wool and silk. The non-chroline bleach formula will not damage or yellow fabrics and you can use on items with printed logos or images.

The good thing is you can use it in the washing machine or by hand.

Like magic, the stain is gone,
Spouse is happy,
You are happy.

Dylon®Colour Run Remover for Whites is available from supermarkets and Spotlight Stores nation wide in New Zealand.


I am writing this blog post after sampling  the product.

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