Saturday, April 26, 2014

running the marathon.

This is my medal for running the Singapore Marathon. I take it to school to show to the students. They all want to wear it.They are very impressed.

10 years ago, I was this middle aged turning 50 year old woman. One day, I challenged myself in a 3.8k after not running since my early 20s when I ran the "Round the bays.".

The university announced its "President's run." I had been doing short runs in the Staff Club gym, and was interested. Dwas with me and challenged me to run two kilometers. After I had done that, she said, "Mum, you can do it."

The events organisers told me as the run was for staff and students we were not eligible for any prizes or goody bags. I didn't care, I just wanted to challenge myself. I posted on our staff resident's internet "Nanyang Connect" for three others to form a team. Eventually I got two girl friends to train, 6 am in the morning, we were at the oval, from 400 meters, and adding on, we completed the race as we pounded the pavement of the university route. We even beat many men and university girls much much younger than us.

After that, me and another girl friend 44, we trained for the Singapore Marathon.10 K's marathon.

It was in humid Singapore, but we did it in 3 months. We were two university wives, and the young uni kids were wondering why these two "Aunties " were doing in their turf at the running oval and in the hilly campus. We managed to complete 10 Ks ten times. The first time were so satisfying. We High 5 and hugged.

Came early Dec, we woke up at 4am we ran with the Marathon greats from Kenya and Ethiopia. We both did it. The water engineer and the kids wee there to support me. The Australian runners told me that the Singapore run was the most difficult to do because it was humid and hot.

It was the best thing I have done, and am still very proud of it.

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