Saturday, June 30, 2012

weekend reflection: Going dry

sorry Katie, Sorry Rainfield, I have no idea why the commentary is not published. I have posted another one.

My sister Dr. Margaret Chan went for a conference in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. " This afternoon, we skipped the afternoon session and went to the Muslim area. The place is huge. We went because the Malay students wanted to go so I followed. Well, it was really an eye opener. Tomorrow we are going to the grassland, the home of the Mongolians for a day. "

Margaret bought this interesting bottle of horse milk wine. She said most tourists bought the wine not to drink but for the bottle. It has a picture of  Genghis Khan. ( can you see the reflection on the table?)

My very beautiful, talented niece, Katie is doing something fantastic. She is going dry this July 2012! All for a great cause! On the left is Katie, a solictor for the Chan Lawyers, and her youngest sister Emily. Some of you will remember Emily who sang the "Mum's the best song."

Katie Chan

Katie is supporting:
The Mater Adult Hospital, Brisbane, QLD
Amount raised:$0.00
Participant number11213588
Online donations (0)$0.00
Cash donations (0)$0.00
How is Katie feeling right now?
about 12 hours ago
The website anyone can go to to make donations or leave messages: Katie just started today, so we hasn't received any donations yet. But what a great job , Katie, You got my Ka Pai and Paki Paki and also prayers that the bottle spirit will not tempt you too much.

I do a lot of fundraising for cancer with Matt (my fiancé)’s mother, Leeann. Matt’s father had cancer and a friend of mine who was only 25 years old passed away from cancer a few months ago. For instance, the last fundraiser we had, we walked to raise donations. Leeann walked from midnight until 5:30am to raise money! She also holds a lot of other events to raise money J

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