Monday, December 12, 2011

ABC Wednesday: V for voting, victorious, vision and vortex Football

David Shearer, a high-ranking United Nations official, the Labour Party's candidate was victorious in the by-election in the parliamentary seat of Mt Albert left vacant by Helen Clark who left to work in the United nations. In the national general election in November this year, he was victorious in the same seat. Yesterday, he was victorious in winning in his bid to become the leader of the Labour party. Mr Shearer was voted as by caucus in a secret ballot, and become the leader of the opposition party.

I am not a member of any political party, but I support the under dog, the poor working class. In my university days, I worked in factories in the long summer break. That has influenced my thinking. I believe Shearer is a man of vision and will lead the Labour party and become the Prime Minister after the next election.

This photo was taken during the by election just before he was voted into parliament in a by-election. Shearer was standing outside my school entrance as I was going home. His supporter gave me his red flyer. I did a double take, and went back to take his photo. He was most obliging and thanked me. Of course he doesn't know that I am doing a post about him.
Shearer is an aid worker who has spent much of the past two decades in the world's worst war zones: Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and now Iraq.
Herald files show a number of close calls, such as surviving an armed hold-up by bandits in Mogadishu to being on the ground in Belgrade while it was being bombed.
Mr Shearer and his wife, Anuschka Meyer, were the Herald's New Zealanders of the Year in 1992. That year, they ran one of the biggest aid camps in Somalia during the civil war.
He is currently the deputy special representative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in Iraq.
His role includes acting as envoy for the UN Development Programme

Nerf Pocket Vortex Football of just known as the vortex ball in New Zealand.
The Pocket Vortex Football means lots of far-flying fun around the office! This pocket-sized football is easy to throw and catch, and its stabilizing fins provide for distance and accuracy. The football is made of dense foam, but it's still soft enough to minimize the damage of errant throws (something only your co-workers are guilty of, of course). Get this Nerf Street Zone football for your office fun and games!

My friends tell me, "someday you will get into trouble the way you flash you camera out."

In deed sometimes, I had security guards tell me I have to leave. Sometimes they ask why I am taking the photos. But most times , my models were quite happy and obliging to pose for me.

This was the second time I saw grown men playing a small rugby shaped ball which makes a whistling sound. It attracted my attention and I whipped out my camera from my holiday cabin in Waitomo caves. But I didn't feel brave enough to take their photos openly. My first attempt failed.

This is the second, you can see the initial attempt was done in secret, the photos didn't turn out good, so I went and asked them,

"What ball is this?"
"It's a vortex?'
"Vortex what? I have never seen them on TV?"
"It's fun."
"May I take a photo of you.
"Sure!" and he posed for me.

The rest of the group, some guys and some girls with guitars, they enjoyed my interuption.

I came home and google it, it is very cheap US$1.99, not too late to buy it to stock up you Christmas stocking. You can play it any where, snow or sand.
Approximately 6.5" long x 2" diameter, dense foam.



Roger Owen Green said...

yes, your political races and the voting method ballot were endlessly fascinating.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Thanks for sharing how things are done in your country. I always enjoy learning new things.
I like your secret photography. Nice to have your camera with you at all times.

magiceye said...

lovely take!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Very nice!

Please come and see the Voyage of the Mermaid. Happy holidays!

Carver said...

Very interesting post and photographs.

Halcyon said...

At least the sign is straightforward. Interesting look into politics.

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Interesting post with some really good photos, Ann.

Ash said...

Very nice post and photos, Ann

The Poet said...

Some interesting information here. Vortex football looks like a lot of fun.
Great captures!
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

For ref:
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Anonymous said...

looks like a fun game

view of the desert

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