Saturday, November 19, 2011



Photohunt: wet/rain

My cousin Ambrose visited Thailand. How wet can you get? Living on top of the water.


Suzy said...

oh that is very wet.

Wanda said...

How interesting it must be to live on top of water...no sidewalks...only boats???

Ann ~ my daughter is doing very well. She is happily married. Cannot have children due to the accident, still has discomfort, and pain from lots of scar tissue, but her attitude about life is so good, and counts it a blessing to be alive.

MaR said...

That is truly wet...

Scriptor Senex said...

That looks positively disastrous.

Raine said...

I hope the flood waters will recede soon too. My Wet/rain post

rainfield61 said...

Chinese like "sui", but that's too much "sui".

Al said...

I can't imagine the rain they've had there, our rain comes in short bursts where I live. I like that photo.

To answer your question, Portland is in the state of Oregon, in the northwest U.S. right on a river. I don't know much about the city since I only spent one day there.

Elisa said...

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