Monday, April 4, 2011

ABC Wednesday Letter L for lilies

The lovely white Cala lilies have a special place in my heart. They used to grow in my paternal grandpa's rubber garden in Sarawak.

These were cut from my garden.


Before I started blogging in November 2008, I was into writing. I wrote short stories and a novel. But I had no money to get them appraised. My eldest daughter D started my blogs and I posted my stories and my novel in my other blog. I have started writing again but blogging is a lot more fun.

Tragedy struck. One day Andy and Finau were fishing off Piha beach. A gale wind suddenly blew: both of them had no life jackets. The wind howled, the sky darkened, big rain drops pelted on them like stones, the waves crashed against the boat, the boat overturned and sank. Miraculously Andy used his last ounce of energy and swam back to the shore: he was dogged tired when he ran for help.

Finau was never found that afternoon. Later they found his limp and bruised body among the rocks. Finau’s bereaved mother tore at Andy, and cursed him. Finau’s uncles had to hold her back. Andy just stood there quietly as if he wanted Anapesi to rant and rage and even beat him. We were surprised that Anapesi swore, she was such a well-mannered and gentle woman. Maybe she learnt it from us.

Andy came home and took it out on Nadine. She feared for her own life and the baby’s. She locked her self in the bedroom, but he kicked the door open. Nadine felt like a trapped fox in a fox hunt, and there was no way she could claw her way out of the danger that Andy was posing. Blow after blow he rained on her, until she pleaded that he was killing the baby.

“It’s all you bloody fault, Finau my mate and I had been fishing for years, and nothing ever happened, and now you cow move in and I lost my best mate.” Andy slammed the door and didn’t come back for two days until it was Finau’s funeral.

The Tongan community had a funeral at Finau’s house, and they buried him in Waikumate cemetery. Andy was full of remorse. Finau’s mother banned him from attending the funeral and burial. Andy sat at the garage overlooking Finau’s house drinking Lion Beer, Finau’s favourite beer. His empty bottles crashed and ended up a million brown glass crystals and broken shards on the driveway. He was still there when Anapesi came back from the cemetery.

The kind natured Anapesi went over across the road, she removed the empty beer bottle from Andy’s hand and told him to go back inside the house. She told him she knew it wasn’t exactly his fault.

“Go back to the house, I am sorry I screamed at you,”

Andy got moody and depressed and beat Nadine more often. Sundays were worst, because he’d got no mate to go fishing with.

“Nadine, I got some grub for you, or Nadine I got some fish and chips. The baby needs to eat even if you don’t.”

Nadine did not have a good time being pregnant. Every morning she opened the window and vomited down to the bed of calla lilies. She told me she got no time to rush to the bathroom. Andy howled at her,


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a sad story.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am thinking that you are maybe depressed or not feeling oggd?

MadSnapper said...

it is a sad story, and i hope it is just a story you made up. the lilies are beautiful, i have never seen them grow in the garden, only in stores.

Bradley Hsi said...

Does the story end already? What happen afterwords? You make the story too much like real life!

By the way, the gold color of the third picture in my ABC blog is the golden light of the setting sun.

Roger Owen Green said...

yes, you should finish the story!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

mrsnesbitt said...

I agree with Roger! Spellbound here!

ABC Team

J.Rylie.C said...

I LIKE your L..

Please come take a peek at the laughters at my page. Thank you!

Wanda said...

Very powerful and sad story...you certainly can bring out emotions with your story.

I do love Calla Lilies..your arrangement is very nice.

Al said...

I love those lilies - I don't think I could grow anything like that in this climate. That is a sad story.

Rajesh said...

I am spellbound.

Lew said...

Beautiful lilies! But a sad story to accompany them. My Grandmother also had red calla lilies in her yard. The Washington cherry blossoms are pale. The ones in our yard are a darker pink, but will not bloom until May.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my what is the next thing happened to the story..I am spellbound too. The calla lilies is so appropriate to the story.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful choice for L.

Please come and see the Lamborghini at my page.

January Zelene said...

that's sad..

anyway, the lilies are lovely..

Here’s ABC Wednesday Letter L:

Mona said...

the lilies are pretty ..
same question here what happen next ..

Cloudia said...

You have a lot of heart.

Hawaii women wear head lei of flowers not everyday - but it is a special thing...Party, event...

Thank you for your dear visit.

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral


Jean said...

to be continued?
letter L - Love Lilies

Have a nice day! =)

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Meryl said...

Your the beauty of the lilies contrast with Andy's dark nature. Sad story all around.

Jama said...

Beautiful flowers and a sad story.

Hootin Anni said...

Ann, the flowers are gorgeous, but what a sad, sad story.

Link for my Thursday Theme Song The Silverton Train

All Aboard!!

Cloudia said...

different side of the pacific
same story, Ann

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



betty-NZ said...

Nice shot of your lilies, Ann.