Saturday, February 26, 2011

photohunt:almost black Miner's lamp


Last november, a mine explosion killed 29 miners in Pike River, in Greymouth New Zealand. It was almost as black as this photo.

A lamp like this would be handy in earthquake struck Christchurch where thhey didn't have power.


rainfield61 said...

I have not used "tai kong teng" back during my childhood time.

But I used to see scouts in Malaysia use this lamp very often.

Disaster always comes from the sky, just like the perception of the butterfly.

Gail said...

Wonderful photo. It would be wise for all of us to have such a lamp.

MadSnapper said...

i used to collect old oil lamps and had one similar to this, i now 6 but used to have about 40. great photo

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Ann, Love the old lamp.... There used to be a similar one in my family--but I don't know what happened to it...

New Zealand has had its share of tragedies... What a shame for such a gorgeous country... Hope the Christchurch earthquake was the last tragedy for a LONG time.


Pete said...

Great photo Ann, nice one

Al said...

Great shot, I love the lamp.

ancient one said...

Great Pick for the theme. I suppose in the mines it would be very black except for the lamps.

Yoshi said...

Sometimes the primitive technology becomes the most useful tool. Fantastic B&W photo.

YTSL said...

Interesting photo and comments. Re the recent Christchurch earthquake: what a tragedy. I hope that the city will recover from the disaster -- but that is by no means an assured thing, is it? :S

Johnny Nutcase said...

I like old lamps like that!