Sunday, January 23, 2011

scenic sunday, block house bay

I was curious about the two steel bars. A very friendly elderly gentleman told me that they used to launch the surf rescue boats from the ramp. We tried to find the plague but we couldn't find it.

The club house has a spacious 12 x 9 meter main area with solid wood floor, an upper meeting room plus a covered lookout balcony, kitchen, all facilities and sound system. Up to 130 people can be accommodated.

Three window walls face the sea with extensive covered decks: the sound of the tide is constant; seabirds soar in the updrafts, herons fish at the edge of the waters and nest in the great Pohutakawas along the shore.

You’ll also likely to meet kingfisher, pied stilts, oystercatchers, spoonbills, terns and Tuis amongst the resident birdlife.

Where are we?

Blockhouse Bay Boat Club -aka 3BC- is located at the end of Endeavour St , at the southwest (seaward) arm of Blockhouse Bay Beach Reserve, over the tide. You walk (about 300 metres) around the edge of the bay's footpath from the car park to the Boat Club, which is wheelchair-accessible.

The venue is ideal for:, meetings; educational events; performances; meditations; team-building; mediations; exhibitions, conferences and marine, aquatic activities.

Plenty of history here. The Seawall is 80 years old. Great place for a picnic. There is a barbecue, large children's playground for the 3 - to 7 year olds and toilets.

Out on the water is a good place to achieve high speeds board sailing if the wind is up. The beach conditions depend very much on the tide.

In the late 1930s, a group of young Blockhouse Bay men formed the Blockhouse Bay Surf Lifesaving Club.

They took their training very seriously and were coached by Barney Clews. During the week the club members would train at Blockhouse Bay beach doing exercises on the shore, and swimming across from Te Whau Point to the sandbank and back again. On Friday nights they caught a bus to Karekare, where they stayed in the clubhouse over the weekend and did their surf training, before travelling back to town on Sunday night.

The area was a popular holiday resort in the 1920s for Aucklanders, with city families making the long journey over rough roads to spend the summer in their holiday cottages or camping on the beach. But with cars, the beach is less popular, because it is not a beautiful beach and across the harbour, is the sewage plant.

When I went, it was low tide, and there was a red dinghy in the mud flat. The reclaimed sand wasn't appealing.


George said...

Thanks for the visit to Blockhouse Bay and the information about the Boat Club. This is fascinating stuff.

Eden said...

Block House Bay is a beautiful place. Love to take the kids for a picnic there.

Ruth said...

Well it's nice to have the water, and such a nice place to stay. I wish I had water a little closer, but we do have the Great Lakes. I just don't get there often enough.

Hootin Anni said...

Such a wonderful place to spend the day...it's beautiful.

Small City Scenes said...

Nothing says beach like an old derelict rowbow in red on the beach.

Great info. Fascinating. MB

Jan said...

Good to hear from you Ann. Very good post about the bay.

Unknown said...

Love the lone red boat pic. By the way, the water in Venice changes its colour depending on the area, the greener the less polluted...

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Johnny Nutcase said...

cute red boat!

Used cars said...

Can you tell me the place where it was.