Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Traffic cones


We have a wet winter, but that special day of July 25th, we had a beautiful day. Our sky was blue with a few clouds floating in the air. Everyone enjoyed at the opening of our Mangere bridge.

Jama and other Singapore blogger can refresh my memory. When the American Graffiti tagger Michael Fay appeared in court, he was also found with traffic signs, road signs and traffic cones.

His lawyer argued to the effect," It is Michael's culture to indulge in such harmless activities. Every boy in USA would have one of these items in their bedroom as a kind of initiation. All very harmless."

But the Singapore Government didn't buy this even though President Clinton tried to intervene. Michael Fay was caned and sent to prison.

Today, some idiot in New Zealand has called over the Facebook to encourage people to steal cones. Luckily the police found it. Such irresponsibility deserves what Michael Fay got. Unfortunately, New Zealand law is lax.

Idiots don't think that traffic cones are for the safety of everyone. It costs $70 each, and who pays for it? The tax payer of course.

Superintendent Kelvin Powell, Acting National Manager Operations Support, said
"This is an act of theft and could also result in a serious accident causing death or injury," said Mr Powell.

"These cones are there for a reason to warn members of the public of road works or obstructions and are part of safety measures, required under law, by local authorities and roading contractors to keep people safe."

"This is a stupid prank and we would ask anyone who is thinking of stealing a cone to think again," he said.

Acts endangering safety
• Every person is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2,000 who, in any public place, without reasonable excuse and in circumstances likely to cause injury,—
• (a) Places or makes any obstruction; or
• (b) Digs and leaves any hole; or
• (c) Removes any protective structure or any warning sign or device.

Police will charge anyone found in possession of road cones unlawfully.


Warning over 'steal a road cone day'

Friday August 06, 2010
A Facebook campaign encouraging people to steal orange road cones has caught the attention of police.

A message is doing the rounds on the social networking site about a "steal a road cone day" tomorrow.

So far, 7000 people have confirmed they will "attend" the event. Organisers also want people to post images of themselves with the cones on the site.


Unknown said...

Nice big fluffy New Zealand clouds.

Yay for the new bridge opening.

Kim, USA said...

Nice shot Ann. Here in MI there are only two that is always constant. Snow in Winter, Orange cone in Summer ^_^ Happy weekend!


EG CameraGirl said...

The sky is gorgeous. The day was perfect!

LV said...

A very pretty sky awaiting the traveler at the end of the road. Nice job for today's post.

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous skies, Ann! The orange cones kind of look like pointers to the sky. Hooray for the new bridge! Hope you have a great weekend!


rainfield61 said...

You have a long good story on traffic cones.

Hope that you are normal.


UMMA said...

Same weather here in California.. nice photo and the sky is gorgeous.

Happy weekend :)

Lew said...

Great skies and a nice smooth road! Not every boy in the US steals road signs or cones and there are fines for those who are caught (the police usually have more serious crimes to solve). As for our visits to the lake, swimming and picnicking is what we do. Last summer we did rent a paddle boat and paddle our way across the lake.

magiceye said...

lovely perspective!

re your query on my post vasai is at the northern tip of mumbai. for more on vasai check out my travel blog at http://magictravels.blogspot.com/2010/07/vasai-fort.html

jabblog said...

I see you have traffic cones closing off lanes empty of any road maintenance - just as we do.
If the people who steal cones have photographs taken it will make the police's job easier;-)
You asked why I didn't go sailing. I don't like it much, it's true, but the real reason is that someone has to be here for the animals!

Indrani said...

Great shot Ann.

Leave me your mail id I can reply your queries. It was a 16 day trip in Italy. :)

Francisca said...

7000 pledged to steal a cone? How bizarre is that? What on earth will one DO with one? I don't think the threat of caning is the answer, though... a little over-the-top, that. Nice shot, Ann.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Good grief! It is true that teenage boys like to steal a road sign to put in their bedrooms here. But this cone stealing and road sign stealing is not harmless, it can cause wrecks and other mishaps. Nevertheless, I do not agree with the caning. How awful! I think better would have been to make him do some public service like we do here. Like picking trash off the highways or repairing signs. That punishment would have suited his crimes more.

VioletSky said...

well, these cones are all tied together like kindergarten children!
how wonderful to walk across a brand new bridge before the cars.

Al said...

Nice photo. I had no sympathy for that foolish teenager, the fact that behavior like that is so common here in America helps show why we're in decline - no discipline.

LadyFi said...

That is a great shot, very unusual.

Jama said...

These cones are everywhere in Singapore, but nobody would want to steal them, especially to pun inside the room. So unsightly! Fay would have gotten a fine or a short jail term if he only steal cones, but for the serious case of vandalism to cars, he's jailed and caned.

Rajesh said...

Great shot, nice cloud formations.

Rajesh said...

Great shot, nice cloud formations.

Anonymous said...

Haha me and my mate made that facebook event lol

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