Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sakura (cherry blossom) 桜 花見

hootin--anni has a new meme.
IT'S ALL ABOUT MY NEW MEME THAT I HOPE SOME WILL FEEL LIKE JOINING IN ON THE CHALLENGE AND THE FUN [at least I hope the weekly challenge will be fun!]. It's loosely based on song lyrics [recorded songs since the beginning of time to today] and associating them with photos of yours...as I've done in the past...If you click on the link above, it'll take you to the Meme's Homepage for rules and buttons. There will be a Mr. Linky Widget for each individual week also. Do consider joining me sometime. Hope to see it flourish in time.
When I was in Methodist School in Sibu, Sarawak, I was taught by teachers who came from UK and USA, and also teachers who had gone to these places. At some stage, I was taught to sing this song, Sakura in Japanese. As I am no good in languages, I could sing only Sakura, Sakura. Perhaps you can sing it in English.

As I drove home today, I saw some cherry trees in full bloom. Theye are blooming early, ( We are having winter in New Zealand.) I tell myself that I must go to one Tree hill and see if the Sakura walk there are blooming yet. I remember this meme, and here are last year's flowers.

Do hit on the You Tube. The first is purely music, and the second sung by lovely voices as Sakura Japanese folk song



sakura sakura
no-yama mo sato mo
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
asahi ni niou
sakura sakura
sakura sakura
yayoi no sora wa
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
nioi zo izuru
iza ya iza ya
mi ni yukan

Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
On Meadow-hills and mountains
As far as you can see.
Is it a mist, or clouds?
Fragrant in the morning sun.
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
Flowers in full bloom.
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
Across the Spring sky,
As far as you can see.
Is it a mist, or clouds?
Fragrant in the air.
Come now, come,
Let’s look, at last!


Anonymous said...

How very pretty Ann. In my state of Georgia, Springtime in Macon, a southern town, has thousands of cherry trees and a Cherry Blossom Festival.

eileeninmd said...

Very pretty, sounds like a great idea!

Gattina said...

These trees are absolutely gorgeous ! I can't follow Anni's new theme, I don't kow any words of songs I only now the singer and the music, lol !

Hootin Anni said...

Wow!! Just wow!!!

A great song choice and more so, the beautiful, beautiful photos you've shared.

Hootin Anni said...

By the way....sakura...I learned from you that it means 'cherry'. Here in USA, there is a Japanese Restaurant called Sakura, and I never knew what it meant...now, thanks to you, I do!!!

rainfield61 said...

We have Cherry tree in Malaysia. We call it Malaysia version of Sakura.

It looks great when it blooms, but people complaints the floor looks dirty.

LibertyBelle said...

Here in Europe, the Cherry tree blossoms for a very short time. It is such a beautiful tree and your song is perfect to the pictures.

Roan said...

The music, lyrics, and your cherry blossom shots are equally beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The cherry blossoms are so pretty. I've always liked being in Washington, D.C. when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Elizabeth said...

So nice to meet you from the new meme by Hootin Annie. Your photos are simply beautiful, and the music choice is delightful...thank you for sharing the english translation!

George said...

These pictures are beautiful. We were fortunate to see the cherry trees in Washington, DC, in bloom a few years ago.
I'll have to check out this meme.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Lovely pictures. I know that song, and have heard it quite a bit. Maybe from Madam Butterfly? The pictures with the song are beautiful, so many, many cherry blossons, and so dense!

Bella said...

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your post and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts.Thanks for all your great posts.


Kathy said...

These cherry trees are so beautiful they made me gasp!