Thursday, June 4, 2009


New Zealand lies between 37 and 47 degrees south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Our weather is mild compared to Canada or Mid western America. Our weather can change unexpectedly—as cold fronts or tropical cyclones quickly blow in. Because of this, I tell my guest to be prepared for sudden changes in weather and temperature if you're going hiking or doing other outdoor activities. In short, Auckland can have four seasons in a day.

!st June is our Queen's birthday weekend, it is also our ski opening season. Last year, when we went to the mountains, Sam and I had sword fights. Swords broken from the icicles.

We are getting extremely cold weather because the winds are blowing from Antartica.

New Zealand will play host to this legendary event, The World Heli Challenge. It consists of 3 days of helicopter-accessed competition, staged over a two-week period to allow for perfect weather conditions. Athletes vie for top honours in Extreme, Free Ride and Downhill events and the coveted overall World Heli Challenge Champion.


Ruth said...

Oh my! It was just a few weeks ago that we had icicles on our eaves. I did not realize it got THAT cold in NZ. I don't suppose you get 5 months of snow cover though like we do from Nov-March.

gigi said...

Cool shot.

XUE said...

Hi Ann, we hv skied in Queenstown. Past winters we skied in Whistler (BC), Tyrol (Austria) & nowadays, Hakuba (Japan). The Winter Olympics was held once in Hakuba. I'm not that good but my kids & husband goes zooming down the slopes together. Everyone slows down just for me :) . And from the glimpses of yr sewing accomplishments...I'm impressed !

bettyl said...

It's an eye-opener to be in NZ, Ann! I guess the country is so small that the winds take no time at all to cover everywhere!

Tammie Lee said...

Hi Ann,
Can you email me, so that I can write you back?