Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Green frog

My bro-in-law K. visited Australia and photographed this. It is beautiful like a green jade brooch.



What a cute little beast!

I'll surely try the Tom Yum Khong as soon as possible, I'm convinced that's marvellous.

Usually there is no fresh Tamarind nor Lemongrass on the market here, but we are making our best using what we've got.

My cooking are due to blogs like yours, that are a true inspiration to me.

I've already cooked lamb shanks the Romanian way (it's a recipe called "Stufat", but I haven't posted it yet) and I'll surely try it your way.

Good chatting with you too.
Big hug!

alicesg said...

It is so beautiful. Yes, it is indeed very green like a jade. Have a nice weekend, Ann.

Titania said...

Yes, Ann, they are gorgeous creatures. There are also tiny ones, grass green and very noisy.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

It does look like a brooch Ann. We are going to Taupu for the Feast of Tabernacles Ann. If Parachuting Camp will be there, we might be able to watch some wonderful sky activities over there then. Am looking forward to experience the hot springs there too!

Ann said...

Beautiful, we don't have frogs that colour where I come from.