Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Reflection: Playing on the beach in the rain.

New Zealand is basically two islands. We are surrounded by the ocean and we succeed in our sporting achievement. When you look at this photo and see a brave heart family, you will understand why. It was bitterly cold, the wind was blasting, and the rain was pelting. Here was a pair of parents at the beach, letting their kids play, occasionally swim in the waves. No wonder Kiwi kids are so tough.

New Zealand won consecutively the America's Cup in 1995 and 2000. In doing this, we became the first team from a country outside the United States to successfully win and then defend the America's Cup. Next year, it will be America's cup again. A friend's husband is involved in designing one of the boats.



Al said...

Maybe they were on holiday - I never let a little rain spoil a vacation. In fact that looks like fun, as long as the weather is warm!

Ginny said...

I can't believe parents would do this to their kids! The rain might not be so bad, but the wind and cold, they could all get sick.

TexWisGirl said...

that's a very cool photo! and more power to them if they're willing to brave the cold to play!

jabblog said...

All that and sheep, too. Rugby is the big sport, isn't it? Great to see families out in the elements - so good for them all:-)

NixBlog said...

Yes, Ann, they breed them tough in NZ!
Great shot!
Have a Happy New Year!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, that's fabulous about the America's Cup. I've lost touch with yacht racing since I left the coast. Not much of that going on here on the desert part of the Canadian prairie.
Once, long ago, I had the pleasure of being a passenger aboard Australia's first challenger to the America's Cup, the yacht Gretel. It was her first day out as a day-sailer, so one of the original crew was aboard for the occasion, and I was able to get a good story for the boating publication I used to work for.
Wonderful for New Zealand to win and then defend the Cup. I can see why parents put their children out to swim in the rain. LOL
Of course it's summer there, isn't it? So even a cold day can't be too bad, and the water is often warmer than the air.
On New Year's Day, there is a Polar Bear Swim in my home city of Vancouver, BC. The swimmers go into the water and right out again after posing for photographers!

Martha Z said...

They are a hearty bunch.
No, I haven't been doing as much blog visiting as before, there aren't enough hours in the day.
Michael and his parents were here for a week, that kept me busy. Actually, much of the time it was just Michael, Grandpa and me and his parents got a much needed break.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Luckaa said...

Funny thing. I like running in the rain :)

Good luck in 2012!

rainfield61 said...

My parents always told me not to play in the rain.

You are not good.

And you can get bald due to the acid rain.

Francisca said...

Braving the elements builds character. All the best in the new year, Ann.

Indrani said...

Strong kids!
Happy New Year!

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful photo! Kids don't mind the cold they love to play and don't want anything to interfere there enjoyment. ^_^ Thanks for the visit and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kim, USA

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh, I bet that is a challenge, yet such a good, rewarding challenge. I do hope you keep us informed with updates on how the boat is completed.

Thanks for visiting today, and have a happy new year.

Genie said...

I saw the same thing in Ireland and Scotland....Buddy and I were bundled up in wool from head to toe, and at the same time we were passing children and their families playing out in the frigid water. Unbelievable. How in the world do they do it!!?!?!?!?!? genie

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi wonderful shot and nice post letting us in on your life........my first time on Weekend Reflections
and I have put on a party of reflections for
everyone to come and see.

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Happy New Year 2012 to you and family, Ann!

Judy SheldonWalker said...

My sister and I used to play in warm summer rain, but it is winter and cold here.