Saturday, December 10, 2011

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This photo is from my achives, it was too dull and foggy to venture outdoors today.

You don't see the wind, you don't hear the howling. I am inside my house, looking at the trees and power lines dancing to the beat of the wind.

It is officially summer, but you wouldn't guess it given the weather that's expected over the next week or so.

Dreary days, strong gusty winds and patches of cloud have been predicted for the coming week.

MetService has even issued a Severe Weather Watch warning for a burst of heavy rain northwest of Nelson from this morning through to early afternoon.

Weather Watch chief analyst Philip Duncan said the country was in for "a very, very wet week".

"Basically we've got the subtropics coming down to visit us this week, so it's going to be warm, wet and humid in the North Island and probably a mixture of cloudy and wet days in the south."

Photos taken when I was with my family on the Gold Coast in Australia. How I wish I am in sunny Australia.


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TexWisGirl said...

well, hopefully that weather system will blow threw without damage, and you can get back to warmer, friendlier days again.

KB said...

We've had very windy days too.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I'm glad you joined us at the new home of the PhotoHunt!
We'll see you with Joy next week

rainfield61 said...

Wind can be seen, not through eyes, but heart.

Leovi said...

I love those beautiful blue, not in the photo is not the wind. I wish you a happy week. Greetings.
PD. In my photos are not changed by computer but by lighting.

Jeckab said...

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