Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cave at Muriwai Beach


You may say that I have a love affair with caves. Do you recall we went twice to the Mulu Caves in Borneo and the Waitomo caves in New Zealand?

Yesterday, we managed to go inside the little cave at Muriwai beach. In the past, we couldn't get in because it was high tide. It was low tide, and we could get inside in.

It is a very small cave, and I felt quite claustrophobic. It was dark and eerie, the pounding waves were thunderous. The tide was coming in, and we came out as fast as we got it.


Elaine Yim said...

It is pretty dark inside. Did you see any bats there?

Ange said...

I have been to the Waitomo caves and loved them too...

Aisha said...

I love the photos but I get claustrophobic in caves. Hope got the spelling right.

EG CameraGirl said...

It might be more fun to explore this cave if the tide was going out. ;-)