Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Save the world: Reuse Challenge

For this week's challenge:

Each time you shop for a non-food item, look to see whether a recycled version is available. If feasible, buy the recycled version. If there isn't one, but it's a category such as paper where you know recycled versions exist, ask the store to start carrying a recycled version.


If you already buy recycled items regularly (or cannot afford to do so at all) then write a blog post about products made from reclaimed materials.

Great challenge, don't you think?


This is the most popular object in my room. The whole school did a production on pirates, and a group of kids used recycled boxes and paper to make a pirate ship. Only one group made this, and all the other groups wanted to make one too. All the boys wanted to take it home.

Girls are girls, they added a feminine touch with some flowers. They called their ship Maria.

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