Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tree: Rambutan

See the fruit? It is called Rambutan. Rambut in Malay and Iban means hairy. The fruit is called hairy fruit.

My parents were in the generation where Chinese people were not a huggy or kissy lot. This fruit was to me that my parents loved me very much. That was before allergies was fashionable.

Dad didn't earn very much money. When the champedak and jackfruits were in season, he would buy a whole big jackfruit. He would then buy a small bunch of rambutans for me.

My younger siblings would not understand why I was special and try to snatch them off me. Mum had to explain that I got a headache when I smelt the jackfruit. That was why I was eating my rambutans in the little balcony and not I was hiding from the others.

By the way, there were nine of us, and Dad could not afford to buy both the jackfruit and the rambutans.

Jackfruit tree at the compound of the Malaysian Railway station in Paloh. In most places, I see the grower "saronging" or wrapping the fruit with a sack to prevent insects from attacking the fruits. But not in this case, yet the fruits are beautiful.

Another reason for "saronging" the fruit is to tell people that the tree is mine, not everyone's. It seems in the old days, especially if you grow your fruit tree on public land, everyone is allowed to harvest the fruit.

I know this because I used to grow a lot of bananas and papayas,( paw paw) on the university land, the fruits were taken. The Malay ladies who clean the common area told me to do this. After I "saronged" my fruits, people no longer helped themselves to my fruits.


Unknown said...

I don't know this fruit but the tree is beautiful!

YTSL said...

Great story! Love rambutans myself -- BTW, did you know that rambutans are also found in Tanzania?! :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

nice fruits and interesting story

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Ann, That was nice of your Daddy to think about you. With nine children, it's hard to think of one... Hope you enjoyed your Rambutan. I've never heard of it. Do you still eat it???


Carver said...

Great stories from your youth and beautiful shots.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What special memories of your father. I have never even heard of that fruit or tree, but you got a good picture.

Jean said...

wow ive nver seen such fruity rambutan tree!

Have a nice day! =)

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George said...

I wasn't familiar with this fruit before this. Thanks for sharing the story of the way your Dad would buy rambutan for you because you were allergic to jackfruit.

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful seed pods!

Eden said...

I love rambutan but I haven't eaten it in a long time. We have fresh rambutan here in some shops but it's quite expensive.

jabblog said...

What loving parents to take your bad reaction to jackfruit into account. I've never tried jackfruit or rambutans.

Yogaretnam Ganason said...

Rambutan !! One of my favourite fruits. Can't eat too many though.

Here's my trees

MaR said...

I love your story, this tree and fruit are new to me. Beautiful choice for the theme.