Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Australia Day and protest

Today January 26 is Australia Day.

In 2010, I was curious as a guest from New Zealand to see how the Aussies celebrated their National Day.

My brother Joseph and his family took me and Sam in his boat out to sea and to a beach to join him and his mates to party. Towards the destination, I was dumbfounded to see a protest of a flotilla of boats of all sizes and shape. Please click on the photos to read the red protest sign.

I thought it was very strange to have a protest on their National Day.

Let's something I found out about the protest.

Tippler's Protest
For decades Tipplers was an iconic boating destination and a part of the old Gold Coast lifestyle until the Gold Coast Council wasted millions of dollars of ratepayers money by making what some have described as the worst decision ever by the Council.

No longer is Tipplers the place where hundreds of boaties would congregate and enjoy a family day where all were equal - regardless of whether they had arrived on a tinnie or a luxury yacht.

We want Tipplers back!

Please join our flotilla on Australia Day (Tuesday 26th January 2010) in support of the Marine Action Group's campaign to get Tipplers back.

Please come by boat, tinnie or jet ski with your placard, banner or flag and meet at the Paradise Point foreshore at 11:00 AM.

The flotilla will leave at 11:30 AM and travel slowly around the Sovereign Islands, past Wave Break Island, the Seaway, The Spit and the Southport parklands.

For radio communication on the day, please go to VHF Channel 72.

Charter boat Top Cruise Rani will lead the flotilla - this will be coordinated by Jim McLaughlin mobile no.: 0447 140 060 - if you need a core flute or some help with a banner, please feel free to call Jim.


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