Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ABC Wednesday O for going overseas, overhead compartment

When I flew over from New Zealand to Australia, I flew with some New Zealand under 15 Softball players. The flight was 3 hours long, but we had to check in at 4 m. These boys were very well behaved. Good jobs boys and their "boss" Craig.

When I went to talk to them, I think I created quite a bit of excitement, except I was an older women.

I passed my card to craig to ask if I could take their photos and write about them. He was very obliging.

Good luck boys, I used to play softball myself.

International Softball Academy,

ISA New Zealand
  • In 2012 the ISA will be sending four teams overseas. 
  • Teams to Tournaments in Australia:
  •  U17/19 Boys July 2012 to the International Youth Series in Softball Australia are yet to finalise the venue, after 15 years in Sydney it is moving. 
  • U14 Boys March 2012 to the International Youth Event including teams from Japan in Sydney Australia and also a one day trip for warm up games in Canberra. 
  • U15 Boys April 2012 to the BOP Academy Tournament Blacktown Olympic Stadium, Sydney and Also a one day series in Canberra
  • Team to Tournament in Los Angeles USA
  •  U16 Girls July 2012 to International Cup, Los Angeles
  • And beyond and 2013 an U21Boys to Saskatoon Canada


Unknown said...

well-behaved boys are rare these days.:p kudos to their coach.

Roger Owen Green said...

Glad they were ORDERLY!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

I'd sure like to go overseas to New Zealand, too!

abcw team

Carver said...

That's great that they were well behaved. Great idea for O week.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Great opportunity to take photos of them..


I may be always late in commenting, but I am trying to catch up.
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.