Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oooooooooooo!, New york new york, Kovan

3rd ~ Oooooo
 On the second last day of my holidays in Singapore, My friend and ex neighbour E in NTU took me to a Paranakan Restaurant and then to this place New York, New York for coffee. In case, there are many branches, this was at Kovan.
 I looked at this machine and had a pang of nostalgia. When I was little, my aunt had a shop with a machine like this. It never failed to amaze me how, one table spoon of sugar can be spun to a big ball of candy floss.
 The waiter Eric Toh was very attentive and kindly offered to make one for me.
 For free. Pssst!
 Thanks Eric.Your boss should be very happy with your PR work.  To my friend Meg in Canada, Sorry you missed out on this. I was looking high and low for you.


Jama said...

A few weeks ago when I was in a shopping center in Johore Malaysia, there's one stall selling this candy floss, the difference is the one pay for the sugar and do the floss ownself. My nephew had a go and he looked happy with the result. But it only took less than 5 minutes for the nephew and his sister to finish eating them.

Susan Demeter said...

Got to love candy floss! Ooooooo :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

... and here I thought you were in New York, New York!
This is going to be a fun weekend

Vicki said...

Ooooo I love fairy floss and how nice of them to give you one for free.

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